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​  Japanese company Marubeni drops $170 Million to get it hands on some American Beef...
Marubeni is no stranger to the beef trade as they have been exporting US beef for nearly 40 years, with the current Australian feedlot Rangers Valley sells beef in Australia, Japan, China, South Korea, Europe and the Middle East. Beijing China lifted it's ban on American beef in June of 2017 and Marubeni is looking to cash in on the china exports.  
Marubeni acquired Creekstone Farms based in Kansas for a reported $170 million dollars. Creekstone is in the top 15 of the larger beef producers who processed approximately 250,000 head of cattle and a report stated $550 millions in sales in 2016 to grocery stores and restaurants. 80% of the processed beef is shipped within the US and the remainder shipped overseas. Marubeni has set it's goals high claiming to reach sales of $620 million at Creekstone on or before 2020 with a large increase in China exports and beyond once the export trade resumes full function. With an export company reaching out to make such a bold move maybe the cattle export future is looking bright. With all the recent reports of beef trade exports lets hope the current administration gets this one right and beef  prices start moving again.      
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     Cattle Rustling Still Exist, Do You Know Where Your Cattle Are?
Cattle rustling is something that has never gone away. Since there has been cattle in the United States there has been rustlers stealing them. The activity of the rustlers depends on the cattle markets, when prices are up theft is up, when prices are down theft is down. When you think of stolen property and the resale values, cattle are at the top of the list for thieves. If someone steals your $500 TV the resale value my be around $75, but a stolen $500 calf sold is $500 the full market value. Cattle does not loose value when stolen as many other often stolen items. Nearly each week on the Pepper Stewart Show broadcast are reports of stolen cattle in Texas and Oklahoma. Depending on the state you live in join your states Cattle Raisers Association to stay informed on cattle news and theft. We say it often and it still rings true "trust your neighbor, but brand your cattle". Here are a few steps you can take to aid in keeping your risk of theft down, but none are 100%. 

* Brand your cattle & make sure your brand is registered with you state agency, State brand inspectors at cattle sales write down all branded stock. 
* Change up your feeding routine in lease pastures, Thieves often study your feeding habits. 
* Count your cattle on a regular basic, Count your cattle every time you feed. 
* Know your neighbors, It never hurts to know a little about those around your pastures if you don't speak to them often.  
* Have someone check your stock if you not around, Going on vacation or out of town a few days
    have a person or two that you trust keep an eye out
* Set up motion detected game camera's out of plain site near gates and barns, You'll be surprised
at what you see and check them often.
Anyone who raises livestock is a potential target, but there are steps you can take to keep your odds of theft down. For those who live on the same property as your cattle  will be a lower risk than if your cattle are on lease pastures with no near by residents.In recent weeks the possibility of increased cattle exports is a hot topic and if that happens prices will rise and so will theft.                    ~ Pepper Stewart